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Deca durabolin (1ml-vial, 50mg/ml)                           


Deca durabolin (1ml-amp/50mg/1ml)                            

Nandrolone NORMA (2ml-vial,200mg/2ml)

Sustanon (1ml-amp,250mg/ml)                                     

Testosterone enanthate (IRAN) (1ml-amp,250mg/ml)

Testosterone NORMA (1ml-amp,250mg/ml)                 

Testosterone propionate (2ml-amp,100mg/2ml)

Testosterone suspension (2ml-amp,100mg/2ml)         

Winstrol V (20ml-vial,50mg/ml)

Winstrol Depot (1ml-amp,50mg/ml)                           

Somatrope (1ml-vial,15 IU/ml, 5mg)

Anabol 10 (1Box-500tabs,10mg/tab)                            

Anabol 1000 (1Box-1000tabs,5mg/tab)

Clenbuterol (20Boxes - 1000tabs,0,2mg/tab)          

Clenbuterolic GEP (injectable Clenbuterol) 40mcg/ml  

Clomid (1Box-24tabs,50mg/tab)

Danabol (1Box-500tabs,10mg/tab)                               

ECA (Ephedrine-Caffeine-Aspirine)(1Box-60tabs)

Nolvadex (1Box-30tabs,20mg/tab)                                 

Proviron (10Boxes - 200tabs,25mg/tab)

Stanozolol DNA (1box,100tabs,5mg/tab)                     

Stanozonol LA PHARMA (1Box-100tabs,10mg/tab)







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